Julie Bee

  • Separated mother of two human children
  • Worked retail her whole life and hasn’t snapped yet…
  • 1 million percent dog lover (cats are ass!)
  • Old chick with a young mind and attitude often mistaken for a 12 year old behaviorally

Penny Friese

  • Boomer babe and token widow of the group
  • Humour genres self-deprecating, dark, random thoughts, ADD, improvisational, stand-up
  • Unsubstantiated roots traced back to cave-woman feminism
  • Has a family, but they’re in witness protection 

Season 1 Guest Hosts

Jane Staples-Depreeve

  • Addicted to carbs & support groups
  • Won’t step near a tub drain.
  • Great at Parallel Parking
  • Believes children AREN’T the future…   they should stay in the past.

Nikki Smyth

  • Unapologetic lesbian, prone to fits of rage and randiness
  • Partnered for life, with no chance of parole
  • Checkered, experimental past…often wakes up surprised to still be alive
  • Lovable pessimist with a dash of nihilism