Host: Julie Bee

Introduction of our drinking game

Topics Discussed 

Losing One’s Senses, The 18.9” Virgin, Dick Pics

If you could pick only 3 of these pills, which 3 would they be?

1- Perfect Health  2- Choose To Keep Our Body Type  3- Super Strength  4- Heal Others Illnesses  5- Super Intelligence  6- Find Love Forever  7- Talk To A Deceased Loved One  8- Change 3 Things From The Past ; 9- Unlimited Money

The Drinking game…

When Julie says “Seriously, you guys are funny” or “You guys are hilarious,”  take a drink.

Jane says anything or doesn’t make sense (except when she is hosting), or does a countdown to end the podcast when we’re not ready to end the podcast, then take a drink

Nikki says “Uge” instead of huge, take a drink.

Penny is funny, take two drinks!!

Email us your answers.


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